Pump Room Asia once feature a master brewery.

The Beers

These beers start off as the best quality grains and hops sourced from around the world. They then go through a proprietary brewing process in our in-house microbrewery, overseen by our Brewmaster. The results are beers that are rich in flavour and scent.

Bites for our beers

1st rule of beer: never drink on an empty stomach. Our kitchen features various dishes that are curated to pair well with our beer offerings. Try our Angus Aged Beef, highly recommended!

Merchandise and collectables

Forget about “pics or it didn’t happen”, complete your visit to The Pump Room with some exclusive merchandise and collectables available nowhere else! Here’s your chance to own a piece of Clarke Quay history and be proud to say that you’ve been to The Pump Room.

The Pump Room in Singapore

Now, we’ll all about finding ‘pump room’ – featured themed rooms in singapore – especially with new lauch condos