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What are the absolute most significant insights regarding the Avenir Condo in Singapore?

The Avenir

The absolute most significant insights concerning the Avenir:

Avenir is another Residential improvement venture in Singapore. It is at present discounted. Avenir is rich, colorful and very much bundled to give both solace and extravagance to the inhabitants.

The specific location of Avenir is 8 River Valley Close inside the bounds of region 9.

The Award-winning organization, Carmel Development, Pte Limited is the organization incharge of the advancement of Avenir.

The Avenir apartment suite is intended to be a structure. The plan advancement is taken care of by Guocoland restricted, Intrepid speculations, and Hong Realty (under the sponsorship of the Hong Leong Group). It will highlight 288 condos and 2 business units.

Avenir stands apart in light of its extraordinary plan. It is made out of two 36-story high pinnacles. The pinnacles are one next to the other with one another and it will permit the inhabitants to have a more clear perspective on the region.

Avenir apartment suite is arranged inside the River valley road, Singapore and it will use on the altruism of the climate.

The expense of securing of Avenir is SGD$980 million and it is broadly viewed as the most costly Land in 10 years.

The Brokers of the Avenir bargain is CBRE and it has gathered the consideration and interest of both neighborhood and International engineers.

Avenir is situated at a nearness with the Great world city MRT Station which is proposed to start full activity soon. It is housed inside the focal business locale by the Shopping belt along Orchard street.

Avenir advancement venture is near the Somerset MRT Station. The distance separated is roughly 750 meters. All the more in this way, Avenir is arranged in a territory where you will discover first class schools and shopping centers.

Reference: https://theavenircondo.sg/

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Amber Park in Singapore – Compiled FAQ

Amber Park FAQ

Where is Amber Park in Singapore found?

Amber Park actual location is 14 Amber Gardens, in Singapore. The property’s postal code is 439960, and its workplaces’ working hours are from 9 am to 8 pm.

Amber Park is a Freehold rent private apartment suite advancement, which is arranged along the Amber Road, and leads straightforwardly to the Tanjong Katong Road. Amber Park has a perspective on the ocean and Coast Park, thus why it is amazingly simple to find.

The site’s perspectives likewise incorporate glorious perspectives not too far off every day, is secure and encircled by a lot of engaging fascination. It is only 200 meters from the Tanjong Kiting MRT Station, which gives a methods for open transportation on the doorstep of the Amber Park property.

The freehold advancement is additionally inside strolling distance to MRT, is generally speaking, an unbelievable spot to live or to rent to different inhabitants and may fill in as a solid resource for the future, especially in view of its area.

Tanjong Katong MRT is just 3 minutes from the private turn of events and will give direct admittance to the Marina constantly 2023, subsequently one more motivation behind why this advancement is viewed as a mind blowing contribute, particularly for what’s to come.

Where do I discover the floor plans of Amber Park in Singapore?

Amber Park is a Freehold rent private townhouse improvement that is arranged close by Amber Road. Amber Park is a private improvement that prompts Tanjong Katong Road and is together possessed CDL and Hong Realty.

The private advancement offers dazzling lodging alternatives to occupants living in Singapore who might either want to buy a home for themselves or put resources into a home for others to rent.

The improvement offers mind boggling highlights, for example, perspectives on the ocean and East Coast Park. It is additionally arranged just 200 meters from the Tanjong Katong MRT Station, offering considerably more accommodation to occupants.

Amber Park’s design and Condominium site have a double view advantage. To access a rich loft, you should act quick, as there are restricted accessible. There are likewise no extra structures accessible after the Chinese Swimming Club.

For more data on Amber Park and to survey floor plans, you can reach them on their site, Amber Park, or register for an early review on the web. Amber Park floor plans range from one-room lofts and that’s just the beginning.

Upon enrollment, clients will be educated about new floor plans being delivered on the site – amberparkshowflat.com.sg/

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Avenue South Residence: Tiong Bahru Concept?

Avenue South Residence offers the experience of a lifetime to its residents. The residential property was developed by the UOL Group, along with its sister companies, the Kheng Leong Company, and the United Industrial Corp.

The main site is exquisite and is just a short drive away from Outram Park Belt and Chinatown. This makes it even more appealing to residents and has especially left me impressed and excited about the residential development’s surrounds.

The location is perfectly thought out and is situated along Silat Avenue, which is directly connected to major roads, such as Jalan Bukit Merah and Kampong Bahru Road. The residential development is also surrounded by countless amenities, boasting with views of the heartlands’ estate, including Tiong Bahru and Telok Blangah.

Story adapted from: https://avenuesouthresidencecondo.sg/

Apart from its shopping facilities, the development itself has an incredible design and entertainment options that will blow your mind. These include the Clarke and Outram Shopping District, which are two of the most popular shopping destinations in Singapore.

What makes the condominium so special, is also the fact that the building itself is iconic and is a 99-year old development. It offers amazing views of the Southern Waterfront. If that isn’t enough, Avenue South Residence also offers incredible views of Orchard and the Ganges Roads. The area itself is considered one of the most prime in Singapore, with the buildings towering over the city’s other buildings.

Why Avenue South Residence Left Me Impressed

Singapore is well known and adored for its incredible buildings and developments, but Avenue South Residence particularly has something unique to offer.

It offers an experience of a lifetime. There’s an exclusivity about Avenue South Residence that just doesn’t compare to any other. With a tenure of only a year short of a century, its 245,975 square foot site area has plenty of excitement and expectation that awaits, to say the least.

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Amber Park: Preview of the Themed Rooms

Amber Park is a private Freehold lease condominium development, which is located along Amber Road. It is in the perfect spot for anyone who is looking for a relaxed and family-friendly setting.

The residential development site is very large and unique, compared to similar projects. It is a very popular space, particularly because it leads to the Tanjong Katong Road, which is accompanied by incredible views of the horizon, East Coast Park, and the sea.

When looking for an apartment, most residents made it clear that they indeed prefer one with a view. Given that Amber Park offers views from all angles, it has become quite the enticing location. The condominium is also developed by Hong Realty and CDL, which has taken on the project as a joint venture. The two developers will work together to establish the residential development in the middle of Amber Gardens, which also adds a natural element to the location.

Continue Reading: https://amberparkshowflat.com.sg/

Increased Location Popularity – Everything Potential Residents Could Ever Ask for

Apart from incredible views and Gardens, this sought-after environment additionally has many amenities, that all add to a convenient lifestyle.

The Amber Park residential development is only 200 meters away from the Tanjong Katong MRT Station, which is currently under construction. Once the MRT station is finished, residents will have access to transportation at their doorstep. The Thomson-East Coast railway line will also be completed by 2023, which will provide easy access to yet another attraction, the Marina.

The apartments itself offer residents a luxury experience and is mainly built with the idea of keeping family in mind. There are 582 units, which have all been designed for anyone seeking a lifestyle-oriented environment. Whether you’re a single individual or couple that are looking for a one-bedroom apartment, or a family big enough to house a five-bedroom apartment, Amber Park condominiums offers it all.

The condo site and surrounds offers a lot of different shops, privacy, and security. This ensures a calm and safe environment. The Freehold District 15 Condo has an outstanding transport connectivity, providing access to some of the biggest roads and expressways.

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Riviere: What’s at the waterfront?

Waterfront Properties

According to Global Waterfront Report by Knight Frank Property, which measures the premium a water property generates in key cities around the world, has shown has unlike in the past, owning a prime waterfront property has less to do with its transport or agricultural value, and far more to do with the lifestyle that it affords and iconic views that comes along with it.

The report has studied and shown that among the 4 waterside types of property (mainly, Harbour, Beach, River, Lake), River facing properties command a 36.8% premium over its counterparts comparatively. Riviere is literally wrapped around the bank of the river, thus having more than a single view of perspective for this project.

Read more at: https://riviere-official.com.sg/


Water has also a global appeal, the river flow produces negative ions which boosts energy with research concluding that it has significant health benefits. Especially in Chinese or Asian buyers, water is more than a mood enhancer or view just nice to have. It plays an overly increasing role due to Feng Shui (shui translates to water), and this is one of the foundations in Chinese buyers decision making process.

Water is anonymous with food, growth, prosperity, and fortune. Which are all good things to have. But it is important that this water body be slow-moving. Not rapids-river speed, or stagnant pond of water. Riviere is also elevated above and water, and it also is positioned in a winding section where the pace of flow is slower. Fast moving streams are often avoided in the Feng Shui contect and that may suggest that wealth is rolling away.

Conservation Status of Riviere Facility

When Frasers Property took over the site at Jiak Kim Street, it has it eyes on the three conservation warehouse. With its address being 17, 19 and 21 Jiak Kim Street, it was built since 1919! This gives this triplet warehouse a history and heritage of 10 years! It achieved conservation status in 2014, with its previous owner bring Zouk Nightclub.

Conservation-status buildings in our small city state are by and large rare, and being able to own a part of history and heritage is a rare opportunity. This is not primary but it will only age fine and well, the older It is, then the rarer and more valuable it becomes.

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South Beach’s Miraculous Charm

At a 34 or 45-story high room, you bet you’ll get all the views you’ve been dreaming about your entire life.

What makes the scenery even better, is that you can experience it repeatedly, particularly if you’re living in the North Tower permanently. At these heights, it’s safe to say that you’ll get a pretty good view of Singapore itself.

Read more at: https://southbeachresidences-official.sg/

Some of the two residential/ commercial building’s major attractions, apart from its views and locations, includes many amenities and adventurous surrounds. The view from the south-west is especially captivating, as it presents a stunning view of the War Memorial, an important heritage landmark to residents in Singapore. The view is also accompanied by the Central Business District, making this residential development the perfect place for professionals to live.

Suntec city can also be found right opposite of the development, which is exciting for anyone who loves to do shopping and explore the city life. It is paired with countless outlets, which include bars, restaurants, grocery stores, retail stores, and cinemas to keep you entertained.

To make the South Beach Residence even better, I was also happy to find that the development itself, has its own retail stores and restaurants. This is perfect for those nights when you don’t want to go too far from your home. In fact, you can enjoy the finest of dining right at your doorstep.

With plenty of restaurants, entertainment activities, surrounding nature and views, South Beach Residences has everything you and your family need for the ultimate living experience.

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Once it was: A hidden gem at Clarke Quay

Pump Room Asia once feature a master brewery.

The Beers

These beers start off as the best quality grains and hops sourced from around the world. They then go through a proprietary brewing process in our in-house microbrewery, overseen by our Brewmaster. The results are beers that are rich in flavour and scent.

Bites for our beers

1st rule of beer: never drink on an empty stomach. Our kitchen features various dishes that are curated to pair well with our beer offerings. Try our Angus Aged Beef, highly recommended!

Merchandise and collectables

Forget about “pics or it didn’t happen”, complete your visit to The Pump Room with some exclusive merchandise and collectables available nowhere else! Here’s your chance to own a piece of Clarke Quay history and be proud to say that you’ve been to The Pump Room.

The Pump Room in Singapore

Now, we’ll all about finding ‘pump room’ – featured themed rooms in singapore – especially with new lauch condos

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