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A fusion of contemporary dining with the inspired charms of the Australian outback, The Pump Room serves up hearty fare suitable for any occasion.

  • 38.00
  • Crispy Pork Knuckle

    served with sauerkraut & beer sauce. Serves two.

  • 32.00
  • Crispy Duck Confit

    served with Parmesan potato, french beans & red wine sauce.

  • 25.00
  • Crispy Harissa Sea Bass

    served with red onion, baby spinach couscous & lemon wedge

  • 26.00
  • Spatchcock NEW

    half baby chicken served with potato dauphinoise and creamy mushroom sauce

  • 26.00
  • Sole Meuniere NEW

    pan seared sole fillet with olives, capers, tomato and lemon brown butter sauce
    served with french bean and creamy mashed potato

  • 22.00
  • Pork Neck Steak NEW

    served with mustard cream sauce and roast potato with italian mixed herbs

  • 28.00
  • The Pump Room BBQ Pork Rib

    marinated with IPA Beer BBQ sauce, served with salad & potato wedges

  • 32.00
  • Snail Sausages on Skewer NEW

    served with sauerkraut, rosti and homemade beer sauce

  • 36.00
  • Mixed Meat on Skewer NEW

    Lamb, Beef, Chicken

  • 36.00
  • Lamb Shoulder Rack on skewer NEW

    served with bell pepper relish, Tzatziki sauce & oven baked potato

  • 24.00
  • The Pump Room Fish & Chips

    IPA beer battered Pacific dory fillet with chips, mesclun salad & tartar sauce

  • Varies
  • Australian Grass-Fed Angus

    It is a tradition born from generations. This fine-textured Beed if truly unique & of unrivaled consistency.

    All steak is rubbed with smoked sea salt and freshly crushed pepper. It is served with thick cut french fries, mix green salad and a choice of the following sauces: Red Wine Sauce/Tasmanian Bush Pepper Sauce/Diane Sauce

    Ribeye | 200gm / 300gm 34.00 / 44.00
    Sirloin | 200gm / 300gm 32.00 / 42.00
    Tenderloin| 200gm / 300gm 36.00 / 46.00


Great to share w/ friends!

  • 12.00
  • Smoked Salmon Quiche

    in an open-faced pastry crust with a filling of savoury custard with Gruyere Cheese

  • 15.00
  • Prawn Cocktail

    fresh Tiger Prawns poached in beer, served with mesclun salad & brandy cocktail sauce

  • 15.00
  • Pan-seared Scallops

    scallop seared with butter on the bed of garlic spinach with alfalfa sprouts & Tarragon sauce

  • 16.00
  • Thai Beef Salad with Thai Herbs

    with cashew nuts & chilli dressing

  • 28.00
  • Pumproom Antipasto

    black forest ham, prosciutto, mushroom pate, chorizo, marinated Kalamata olives, brioche, 2 to share

  • 18.00
  • Octopus Carpaccio NEW

    thinly sliced Tako octopus served with lemon dressing

  • Varies
  • Fresh Canadian Oyster NEW

    served on ice with Tabasco sauce
    & lemon wedges
    (6 pcs/ 12pcs) | 27 | 42

  • 15.00
  • Sautéed Garlic Prawn NEW

    sautéed Greenland Prawn with extra virgin
    olive oil and served with garlic bread



Craft beers on the tap.

  • Happy Hour 1for1
  • The Pump Room Lager

    Golden, crisp, clean, easy drinking.
    Size: Regular | Large | Tower

  • Happy Hour 1for1
  • Golden Ale

    Balanced pale ale, assertive hop aroma, citrus flavor.
    Gold Medal – Golden Ale Category (World)
    Gold Medal – Golden Ale Category (Asia)

  • Happy Hour 1for1
  • Scottish Ale

    Hearty, roasted malt characters with a slightly sweet finish.

  • Happy Hour 1for1
  • Wheat Ale

    Pure white head, cloudy body, extremely smooth.
    Silver Medal – Wheat / Wit / Weiss Category (World)

  • Happy Hour 1for1
  • India Pale Ale

    Copper coloured, strong hops aroma, malty flavor.
    Silver Medal – Pale Ale / Amber Ale Category (World)
    Bronze Medal – India Pale Ale Category (World)

  • Happy Hour 1for1
  • Brewmaster's Reserve - Bohemian Lager

    Brewmaster's note: All the craft beers are handmade. Therefore, colour and taste may vary slightly. The beer may also appear slightly cloudy as we filter less to keep the good stuff in.